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The Marmore Waterfalls
The Marmore waterfalls is a place among the most beautiful of Umbria. Located a few kilometers from Terni, just along the road that crosses the Valnerina, the waterfall looks like a column of water, from a height of 165 meters threw himself straight down. In the fall the water place on three different levels, jumps that amplify the music of the fall and generating a sort of cloud droplets that caress everything around them. Just before the waterfall was constructed by some years a corridor where visitors can pause to admire very closely this beauty. In fact, the closeness is such as to give the impression that it almost part! The river that gives rise to the famous waterfall is the Cascata delle MarmoreVelino that, in the vicinity of the hamlet Marmore, go down from Lake Piediluco to dive into one of the gorges in the valley carved by the river Nera. The Marmore waterfalls stems from a Roman project of the 271 BC, when Manlio Curio Dentato ordered the creation of Channel Curiano to divert the waters of Velino towards the jump of Marmore. In fact, about this waterfall, has spread even a legend: it is said that a nymph named Nera in love with Pastor Velino, was transformed by the jealous goddess Juno in a river; so the pastor, desperate, threw himself from the ravine Marmore to fall into the river that was been his love and so they can stay still together.
Bed & Breakfast in Cascia: La Rondine
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