Bed & Breakfast a Cascia: La Rondine
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Visso and the National Park Monti Sibillini
Visso, Common of Valnerina located on the western dell'Appennino, is a graceful as small medieval village particularly loved by fans of winter sports. Ancient Roman municipality of major importance, today Visso presents itself as a country hidden among the dense vegetation of a gorge in the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, of which is the official seat. With a width of approximately Centro di Visso70,000 hectares, the park is the pride of the Umbria region, a nature reserve which boasts the presence of animals threatened with extinction like the wolf, the golden eagle and peregrine falcon. But along with the vastness of species of fauna and flora so rich and varied, the Park deserves a special mention also for villages that belong to it, set as precious stones in glimpses landscape leaving breathless, each with its wonderful characteristics , With different stories, with ruins and monuments that are still a shocking beauty. The National Park Monti Sibillini was founded in 1993 with the aim of preserving this slice of the world so generous and beautiful, promoting sustainable development at all levels, creating, and then, something that was for everyone, without distinction, in full compliance environment and its elements. This is our park, a protected haven that is an habitat for plants and animals that otherwise would lose hope of survival.
Bed & Breakfast in Cascia: La Rondine
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